Foam Rolling: It Hurts So Good

Bottom Line:
Foam rolling has exploded in popularity over the past few years. No longer used only by athletes and trainers, foam
rolling (or myofascial release) is now used by people at all levels of fitness. The goal of foam rolling is to improve
muscle function, performance, and range of motion. When a tight muscle or trigger point is released, you’re better
able to move freely, move with less pain, and improve your overall performance.

Why it Matters:
Activity, age, and injuries can all cause your muscles to lose flexibility over time, which in turn creates adhesions and
pain. Foam rolling allows you to place deep compression on these areas, reducing pain and adhesions while creating
improved range of motion. Researchers have discovered that foam rolling during your warm-up can improve flexibility
more than static and dynamic stretching.
– Foam rolling is designed to release tight muscles and trigger points.
– Researchers are seeing increased flexibility and reduced pain in study participants after foam rolling.
– Proper movement patterns are thought to improve performance and reduce injury.

Next Steps:
Using a foam roller on tight muscles and trigger points has been shown improve flexibility and help maintain proper
movement patterns. If you have questions on whether foam rolling is right for you, just ask! We believe this type of at home care is a great way to support the adjustments you receive in our office.

Science Source:
Acute Effects of Foam Rolling, Static Stretching, and Dynamic Stretching During Warm-ups on Muscular Flexibility
and Strength in Young Adults. Journal of Sports Rehabilitation 2017
Differences in pressure pain threshold among men and women after foam rolling. Journal of Bodywork and
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