Get Moving!

A guide to a healthy, happy, holiday season: Part 4

The holidays are a whirlwind of busyness. It’s already a challenge to make time for exercise, and then add in family, food/alcohol, shopping, and travel? It’s nearly impossible, unless we make time for it when we would otherwise be on the couch, watching TV, or on our phones. It’s all about making movement a priority. 

Here’s my challenge for you: After every main meal, get outside and walk briskly for 15-20 minutes. Walking after eating has proven to be an incredible way to improve blood flow, bowel motility and heartburn, blood sugar levels, metabolism, quality of sleep, and not to mention the cold provides a positive external stressor, ultimately strengthening the function of the body.

Need more motivation? Make this a family event! Getting everyone out of the house for a quick walk will not only make them less likely to fall into the classic “food coma”, but it will also allow for more quality time with the ones you love, without having to talk over a TV or a texting teenager. Bring the dog or a football, find a nearby trail, bring a thermos of hot cider. In short: make it fun, not a chore!

***Looking for more of a challenge? Every time you see a bench or a squirrel or whatever item you choose, do 10 air squats (just like the chair squats in our previous post). 

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