New Year, Same Me (with improvements!)

Now that all of the hype of the holiday is over, what is this New Year actually going to bring? Consistent, maintained health? Pain-free living? Healing nourishment? More mental clarity?

If you are leaning towards a crash diet, juice cleanse, or an 7 day/week boot camp,  think more about being present and realistic with your current self. The first and most important step is simply making your health the top priority. It might look different for every person, but something we can all take steps towards. We all have made excuses for ourselves. We all stand in our own way sometimes. But we can learn to make health our priority by removing the obstacles. Before creating a list of all of the things you are going to “start doing”, think about a few things you could “stop doing”. By creating that space in your life, you can better implement your new goals.

I’ll go first: In 2019, I am going to stop associating my feelings of having “earned” or “not earned” a meal. I am going to stop using words like cheat, deserve, and good/bad to describe my relationship with food. I am going to stop justifying unhealthy, unsatisfying food experiences with the idea of treating myself. Instead, I will be mindfulof my body; what it craves and how to best nourish it.

Here are some other examples: You could create space in your life by deciding to stop saying yes to everything. Take time for yourself; don’t say yes to every social engagement. Be mindful of your health goals and limitations; don’t say yes to every treat or item offered to you. Instead of watching three hours of Netflix every night, cut yourself off at one hour and find other things to do with your time, like reading that book you started 6 months ago, meal-prepping dinner for the week, stretching out, or decluttering a stressful space. Set your screen time settings to limit time on certain apps. If you do want to involve others in your journey, share your resolutions on social media or share during face-to-face time with friends and family. You will encourage others and feel more motivated yourself.

Now it’s your turn! What are you going to stop doing so that you can start incorporating new things?

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